Waffle House Kids Menu

Waffle House Kids Menu

Are you looking for a delicious kids’ meal at Waffle House?

Their extensive menu has a variety of breakfast, Lunch and dinner favourites, all prepared quickly and with fresh ingredients.

Plus, with breakfast available throughout the day, your little ones can enjoy a delicious waffle or omelette whenever you visit.

Here I will tell you all about the Waffle House Kids Menu, including the different food options, prices and nutritional information.

So whether you’re looking for a classic breakfast for kids then Waffle House kids’ menu is the perfect spot.

Waffle House Kids Menu

Waffle House Kids Menu

When it comes to the Waffle House Kids Menu, There is something for every kid’s taste. From classic breakfast options like pancakes and waffles to dinner favourites such as burgers and fries, variety abounds.

For breakfast, Enjoy classics like Pancakes, Waffles and French toast. For lunch and dinner, Pick from burgers, Chicken tenders, Grilled cheese sandwiches and more. Sides include fries, apple slices, or a side salad.

But that’s not all; the Waffle House Kids Menu also offers delightful treats. From milkshakes and sundaes to cookies and ice cream, there’s a sweet option for every craving, all made with fresh, quality ingredients you can feel good about giving to your kids.

Kids Menu With Price

Waffle House Kids Menu With Price
Kids MealsPrice
Kids Waffle $4.20
Kids Beverage $1.20
Kids Grilled Cheese $4.20
Kids 1 Scrambled Egg Breakfast $4.20
Kids Cheeseburger $4.20

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How to Choose Healthy Options from the Waffle House Kids Menu?

When aiming for healthier choices on the Waffle House Kids Menu, consider a few guidelines.

First, opt for lower-fat options like grilled chicken or grilled fish.

Second, go for high-protein choices such as eggs or Greek yoghurt.

Third, choose whole grains like whole wheat toast or oatmeal. Lastly, Look for fibre rich sides like a side salad or fruit.

Beyond the usual menu items. The Waffle House Kids Menu offers an array of nutritive goodies. From smoothies to yoghurt parfaits, there’s a variety to select from.

What is more, all these treats are crafted with fresh, Top-notch ingredients. So you can be confident about providing them to your kids.

Kid-Friendly Activities at Waffle House

Coloring pages and puzzles: Waffle House has a selection of coloring pages and puzzles available for children to enjoy.

Games and trivia: Waffle House also has a selection of games and trivia questions available for children to play.

Kid-friendly treats: Waffle House offers a variety of kid-friendly treats, Such as Milkshakes, Sundaes, Cookies and ice cream. These are sure to pleasure even the most selective of eaters.

How to Save Money with the Waffle House Kids Menu?

Explore Meal Deals: Check for special meal deals or combos on the Kids Menu. These often bundle a main dish, a side, and a drink at a more affordable price than ordering each item separately.

Share Plates: If your children have smaller appetites or are willing to share, consider ordering a few dishes to share among them. This way, You can enjoy a variety of items without overspending.

Opt for Water: Instead of sugary drinks or sodas, go for water as the beverage of choice for your kids. It’s not only healthier but also more budget-friendly.

Look for Special Offers: Maintain an eye out for promotions or coupons that may be available at your local Waffle House. These can supply significant savings on your household meals.

Enjoy Smaller Portions: Some items on the Kids Menu might offer smaller portion sizes, which can be ideal for younger children. It not only lowers food waste but also saves you money.

Share Desserts: If your children have a sweet tooth, consider ordering one dessert to share among them. Waffle House desserts are often generously sized, making sharing a cost-effective and enjoyable option.

Visit During Special Hours: Some Waffle House locations may offer discounts or special deals during certain hours, especially for families. Check with your local restaurant for any family-friendly advertisements.

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Waffle House Hours

Waffle House has got you covered around the clock, with every location open 24/7.

Whether it’s the crack of dawn or late at night, You can always rely on the nearest Waffle House for delicious food, Prepared quickly and using fresh ingredients.

Even if you’re dining with discerning young eaters, the Waffle House Kids Menu has something to please every palate.

Swing by today and savour made-to-order American favourites at this cherished restaurant chain!

Final Word

I hope the information given in this post regarding the Waffle House Kids’ Menu was useful for you.

With a variety of options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. From the classic cheeseburger to the grilled cheese, kids are sure to find something they love.

So, go ahead, visit Waffle House, and make cherished memories with your family. Don’t forget to visit their website to find a location near you. Thanks for reading!


What is the Waffle House Kids Menu?

The Waffle House Kids Menu is a special menu designed for children, offering a variety of delicious and kid-friendly meal options.

Are there healthy choices on the Kids Menu?

Yes, the Kids Menu includes nutritious options like fresh fruit and balanced breakfast platters.

What age group is the Kids Menu meant for?

The Kids Menu is designed for children aged 12 and under.

Can I customize my child’s meal?

Absolutely! Many items on the Kids Menu can be customized to suit your child’s preferences.

Do they offer vegetarian options for kids?

Yes, you can find vegetarian choices on the Kids Menu, such as the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

What comes with the Junior Breakfast Platter?

The Junior Breakfast Platter includes a scrambled egg, bacon or sausage, and a mini waffle.

Are there any allergy-friendly options for kids?

Waffle House can accommodate dietary requests to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience for children with allergies.

Can my child order from the Kids Menu at any time during the day?

Yes, the Kids Menu is available all day, so your child can enjoy their favorite meal whenever you visit.

Is the Kids Menu affordable for families?

Yes, the Kids Menu offers reasonably priced options, making it a great choice for family dining.

Do they have coloring activities or toys for kids?

While Waffle House typically does not provide toys or coloring activities, their friendly atmosphere and delicious food make it a kid-friendly place to dine.


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